Benefits of using a British Cycling Level 3 Coach

The British Cycling Coach Level 3 qualification is the highest recognised coaching certification in cycling, allowing coaches, who have the practical skills, experience and knowledge of cycling, to plan, deliver and evaluate detailed periodised training programmes for individual riders within a specific discipline.

The British Cycling Coach Directory is the place to find a British Cycling Level 3 Coach. Here you will find all the coaches in your area, their contact details, and what they can offer you as their Coach.

The British Cycling Training Plans will deliver you to the start line of your event perfectly prepared and fit to tackle the most demanding of Sportives, British Cycling Level 3 coaches will take your cycling to the next level and potentially help you make the move into racing.

Taking on a Coach is potentially the best investment you will ever make and will certainly benefit your cycling more than a flash new set of wheels.

The relationship between a coach and an athlete is a two way process so it’s essential you ask the right questions before you commit to a coach.

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Cycling Weekly: Why everyone needs a coach and how to choose one

Cycling coach is a very catch-all title, meaning 
different things to different people. Choosing the best coach should be determined by your needs. Coaching covers all aspects of cycling, from skills to training plans, tactics, psychology and helping manage lifestyle issues.

Not all coaches cover all areas, and each coach has their own style. Some are great motivators, while others know the science of cycling inside out or have great tactical awareness and race skills. So, do you need a coach and, if so, what do you need one for?

For some people, getting professional guidance is all about having a well designed training plan; others benefit from having support and a sounding board for their ideas and experiences. For many people, just being accountable to someone else renews their enthusiasm and commitment. Just the fact you’re paying for advice may motivate you more.

One important benefit is that less time is wasted. Whether it’s stripping back on ‘junk’ sessions in favour of more effective training, or 
someone spotting your mistakes and finding ways to develop 
better technique, a coach can help fast track you to a point that would have taken years on your own through trial and error.

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