Sprint, Olympic, middle, off-road or ironman distance triathlon, once you have been bitten by the triathlon bug it is the start of an exhilarating journey.

Finding time to train for three disciplines requires good preparation and discipline, a coach can help you avoid unnecessary “junk” miles and balance training to help you reach your goals.

At the heart of the triathlon coaching is the aim to become a better swimmer, rider and runner that helps you become a better triathlete. For example developing a plan with early season short Time Trial races in your build phase can really help you determine optimum pacing and position on the bike.

For many time crunched athletes the use of indoor training equipment has revolutionised the way we prepare for events, however there are still times when getting outdoors and into the elements is a vital part of training specificity.

Swim training follows the Swim Smooth https://www.swimsmooth.com/ school of training that takes account of your background, style and swimming goals. This has been endorsed by British Triathlon and primarily we will look to improve your swimming to a necessary standard to allow you to compete rather than turning you into a pure swimmer.

Cycle training forms the major component of your training as reflected by the duration of the cycling portion of your target event. Building maximum aerobic conditioning and power enables a strong bike leg for your race.

Run training targets your aerobic endurance and your run efficiency so that you are able to run effectively off the bike. For some this will involve brick sessions, although studies have shown they have limited physical effectiveness compared to stand alone sessions. The run portion has the greatest risk of injury especially on tired limbs and this is where the feedback loop helps ensure the right training adaptions are targeted instead of a generic volume target.

For longer events an essential part of the endurance habit puzzle is creating the right mindset to carry you through the dark and lonely sections.