Thank you very much for your card and kind words of encouragement. Thank you too very much for the great snood – it’s very useful for coffee stops too when cycling as can use as my mask.

I feel so great physically and mentally at the moment. I’ve never been so physically fit in my whole life as I am now. This is all down to your fantastic help and guidance. I couldn’t have got here without your help.

Thank you for all your help and guidance with this. You have given me structure to my training and the comfort that I will be able to achieve my goals. I’m also so enjoying the running. I wish I had tried this before but glad I have discovered it even if a little bit late in life.


U23 Cat 2 Road Racer

Toby has massively helped me with my cycling, he got me from just finishing regional As to getting 5th in the BUCS Road Race, a national level event. He has not only helped me with my training on the bike but also off the bike; he often sets me specific yoga, core gym and even swimming workouts to do. He also has helped me a lot with my tactics this year.

Toby is a great guy and will help you get the most out of yourself.


I thought that when I started running again after years of absence, everything would come back quickly. Well I learnt the hard way and fitness doesn’t just bounce back! That said, the training has been as enjoyable as the event itself. It is teaching me good technique and I value it immensely…

I have become more focused on the science and benefit of each activity – and the penny dropped – I was 100% engaged and focused…

A real thank you for all the words of wisdom and guidance, especially the important basic stuff.


Triathlete / Adventure racer:

Coaching – thanks so much for all of your help, encouragement, understanding and advice. Having your guidance was really reassuring and I pretty much didn’t second guess any aspect of the plan – just relying on you to create it confident you knew best.

Accountability – having you setting the plan and having the feedback directly from my Garmin meant that if I signed up to doing the race and training, there was nowhere to hide if I did not do the training – extremely valuable.

Feedback – I looked forward to the feedback from the comments I posted. You cannot fake a workout when your heart rate stats are being fed back etc. I am sure you saw every detail on TP so know when I have/not done the session/interval correctly.

Variety – I enjoyed the variety of workout types that you set. I could not/ would never have envisaged them. I got better at complying with them as time went on.


Road and Crit Cat 3: I worked with Toby for over a year as a coached rider and during this time saw some really positive improvement; not only did I become physically stronger by using a well-structured and interesting training plan, I also became a much more confident racer. I gained a huge amount of belief in my own ability and this was down to Toby’s coaching methods.



Let’s be clear, I am a weekend warrior when it comes to my sport.

I love playing sport, I love trying new sports and challenging myself.

Toby has been my ‘tri’ coach for the last 12 months.  Though in that time I haven’t completed a tri as I managed to injure myself or be out of the country – however I have done the training which Toby created!

Why have I continued to work with Toby if I didn’t do a tri?

Here are 9 reasons why Toby is my coach

  1. He sat with me to understand my ambition, intentions, lifestyle and needs.
  2. He created me a training plan that is easy to follow.  It is uploaded onto an app called Training Peaks which is on my phone.  Easy to read, no fuss to get, easy to follow
  3. He is available to ask questions about the training if I don’t understand something
  4. He gives feedback after every training session – and I mean every session!
  5. He is adaptable – I am the crazy lady who tells him I am going to cycle up the French Alps with four weeks’ notice (he would have preferred to create a 12 week plan apparently!)
  6. He holds me to account.  Toby has phoned me a few times to ask what is wrong as Training Peaks is showing I have not trained – am I ill, busy, not enjoying my training?  We talk things through
  7. He has advised me on what kit to buy as I am a novice.  This is reassuring to have advice from an expert
  8. He practises what he preaches – Toby is a triathlete himself.  He trains.  He knows the journey I am on
  9. In the last 12 months my technique, performance and times have improved across all 3 disciplines and I am delighted